In 1600, the heretic monk Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake smack in the middle of Campo de Fiori.  His social status was upgraded considerably about 120 years ago when a brooding bronze likeness was erected on the spot of his unfortunate demise. 

Some might cry “heresy” to what’s taking place here these days.
What appears to be a style makeover is going on in the Campo de Fiori area.  Obika, the famed mozzarella bar “chain”,  just took over the space of a favorite hangout and long-standing bar (“bar” in the classic Italian sense of the word) in this Roman neighborhood, attracting a younger clientele.  New hipper stores seemingly pop up overnight along  Via Giubbonari, once a thoroughfare for discount shopping, and a metro dig is going on across the street on Corso Vittorio Emanuele. 
What can’t be improved upon should never change. And so the pizza bianca from Forno Campo de Fiori still rules!  And Bruno still stands guard over it all.

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