We’re talking vegetables, of course.  Very important to the Romans, and it should be to you as well if you’re traveling there.  Along with Caravaggio at the Quirinale, Bernini in Piazza Navona, Michelangelo at St. Peter’s, nature’s artwork, always on display in the Roman markets, belongs on your must-see list.

And what to look for?  According to Chris Boswell, sous chef at the prestigious American Academy currently engaged in the Rome Sustainable Food Project, the Top Ten Roman Vegetables are:

1) Carciofi—Artichokes 

2) Puntarelle—Catalan Chicory
3) Finocchi—Fennel
4) Funghi Porcini—Porcini Mushrooms
5) Broccoletti—Broccoli 
6) Fave—Fava Beans
7) Cardi—Cardoons 
8) Rughetta—Arugula
9) Sedano—Celery 
 10)Asparagi Selvatici—Wild Aspargus

Enjoy them at their seasonal best at your leisure in all their splendid variations in the market stalls and on your plate.  

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