Luke is a little boy who loves the moon sooo much…

that when his family tells him they’re moving from Hawaii to Colorado, he worries he’ll never see his moon again.

Follow Luke…
as he learns that no matter
where he goes in the world…

the moon will never leave him.


My grandson Luke wanted to reach the moon. All I wanted to do was reach my grandson. We were in the shelter-in-place stage of the pandemic—masked trips to the grocery store if you dared, welcome mats being pulled away from front porches, and 4-hour plane rides to visit grandchildren or anyone bordered on abject lunacy.

All the zooms and Facetimes in the world couldn’t make up for squishy hugs and slurpy kisses. A pathetic substitute for being with him, but after a few months, writing about him kind of took hold, and before I knew it, Luke’s Moon was born.

Well, it wasn’t quite that simple. I walked around for a week with the words…”Once upon a time there was a little boy named Luke who loved the moon…” boring into my ear like a TV ad jingle that follows you around from breakfast to goodnight moon. Finally the story came together and, because I had no intention of publishing a children’s book, I thought I’d just read it to my grandson whenever I was able to visit him in Boulder—and that would be that!

But then the story found its way to his preschool class and after that to several of my friend’s young grandchildren, and I knew I had to give it life.

One little girl loved it so much that she took it outside one evening, sat on the side of her driveway, and “read” it to the moon itself.


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