It began like this…

Recently Divorced Woman goes to Rome…
you probably heard that one before. So did Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote it so brilliantly that I wouldn’t have dared. And then there was that movie and how can anyone compete with that? All those chapters I had already written, and the only steamy parts took place in kitchens over pots of boiling pasta water. Who would read that? So I did a shift, a very very slow shift. It began when I took a path from Rome to Sicily where I found a story, a true story about a family that happens to be mine. Coming soon? …soon is a relative word.

Food kept me going all those years, from one trattoria to ristorante in Italy and then back home to my own kitchen. There’s a difference between gluttony and lustful eating.. I like to think I know the difference—there are times though I’m not so sure, and I’m ok with that.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, where Ulysses sailed and the starting point of a voyage to America over 100 years ago for my grandfather—a man who crushed the hearts of four women in my family.

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