Rome loves a party.  And this year, Carnevale in Rome — though not approaching the decadence, debauchery, and  downright tomfoolery that took place during the pagan forerunners of this Christianized celebration — has been pumped up with various forms of street revelry, most notably this Saturday’s parade of costumed Romans on horses and chariots following the ancient route down Via del Corso.

So what will everyone be munching on during these festivities?  Not popcorn, not soft salted pretzels, not Buffalo wings  on a stick.  The traditional “you can’t eat just one” Carnevale treats in Rome are frappe, fried ribbons of dough copiously dusted with powdered sugar, temptingly displayed in every pastry shop window – and, oh,  so easy to love.

But it doesn’t stop there.  You didn’t think Italian creativity was restricted to just sculptures and paintings, did you? Take a look at  one small example of what some very artistic pastry chefs can do.

One of the many reasons my heart belongs to a very old city.

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